How Notes Can Generate Income and Cash Flow

One of the ways that you can generate a significant income and steady cash flow is from mortgage payments of performing or even re-performing notes. There are also opportunities where you can generate substantial income through refinances, cash payouts, back payments or arrears, the selling of the note, the selling or the home, or wholesaling. […]

5 Reasons Owners Offer Seller Financing

Why would a seller allow a buyer to make payments over time for the purchase of property? Wouldn’t the seller rather get paid now and require the buyer to obtain a bank loan? Here are 5 reasons property owners offer seller financing: 1. Reduced Marketing Times What is the first thing a real estate agent […]

Interest Rates and Seller Financed Notes

One of the most overlooked aspects when a seller provides owner financing is the agreed interest rate. That rate can have a significant impact on the value of the note. Each year many sellers simply overlook this one decision and it can have an impact on the financed note. Interest Rates and Seller Financed Notes […]